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School Setup

New school setup process can be overwhelming. If not managed properly, details can ruin the big plan and un-answered questions can cause confusion.

It is important to understand the project feasibility, create a strong foundation, connect facility design with the educational program, develop curriculum for the needs of target students, recruit best staff, establish policies, procedures to track student progress and have access to high quality supplies. All of this needs to be accomplished on time and within budget.

Collaborative Experience:

School Serv works with individuals, entrepreneurs, trusts and corporate’s who has financial resources to establish and operate a school. School Serv’s experience covers school setups of various sizes, curriculum, grades and environments. Our network of partners and team relationships creates immense value by reducing implementation time and delivering speedy outcomes.

Concept to Completion Assistance:

School Serv has considerable experience navigating several steps involved in setting up a new school. Our team understands the level of details and planning required to launch a new school. We have developed network and resources to access the right talent, establish curriculum, create policies and deliver a world-class educational experience. This includes:

  • Evaluating concept and determining feasibility
  • Preparation of full development plan and budget
  • Organization setup
  • Develop and deploy brand area
  • Develop Curriculum
  • Develop School policy manuals and procedures to support operation of school
  • Assistance to obtain statutory approvals and accreditation status
  • Master planning and architecture
  • On-going project management
  • Marketing strategy to acquire talent and students
  • Recruitment and student development
  • Identify and procure supplies required to provide world-class education
To proceed from an initial thought all the way to opening of a new school requires thorough preparation, comprehensive planning, commitment and dedicated resources to bring school to life. School Serv has developed a three-step approach to setting up a new school:
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Assess Feasibility

Over the years, we have found that each situation presents unique opportunities and challenges. During the Initial stage, School Serv will help clients to validate the idea, identify key issues to be addressed, gather information thru an extensive market research, and perform analysis to determine the key criteria for the school to be successful.

If the feasibility assessment indicates that conditions exist that will support moving forward, a general timeline and draft budget are prepared and project moves to next stage developing the plan.


  • Define and evaluate need of school
  • Define criteria for the school to be successful
  • Collect demographic data of target market
  • Review statutory and board requirements
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Review site/location options and logistics
  • Review Education Program
  • Create Draft Budget


  • Way Forward Analysis
  • General Timeline
  • Draft Budget

Detailed Project Report

When conditions exist to support the development of a new school in the target location, detailed timelines and comprehensive development plan will be prepared to guide the many complex tasks and activities that need to be accomplished on the path towards launch day.

As planning comes to close, the way forward has become clear and necessary resources have been identified. We are ready to establish a new school.


Launch New School

The implementation can take anywhere from 3 months to 2 years to unfold based type of school. Implementation team is recruited and placed on site, team will work with School Serv experts to implement the development plan and complete necessary activities to ensure that school is completely prepared for the launch day.

While we found that fast tracking the implementation is possible in certain environments, we have also found that, accelerated timelines may result in serious compromises and lowers quality of the final outcome. We strongly advise our clients to invest dedicated time and resources at the front-end of any new school project to ensure best results.


  • Develop academic and beyond academic programs
  • Recruitment and skill development
  • Prepare policy’s and procedure manuals
  • On-going project management of facility construction and interior build
  • Order materials and supplies
  • Develop Brand Identity
  • Develop communication strategy
  • Design/Review marketing collateral
  • Review/Create web presence
  • Marketing the school
  • Interview Students
  • Order Educational supplies
  • Monitor timelines and budget


  • Academic program Developed
  • Beyond Academics programs Developed
  • Policy manuals,curriculum Resources
  • Staff and staff contracts in place
  • Facility Ready
  • All Approvals in place
  • Brand identity manual delivered
  • Marketing and strategy delivered
  • Materials and supplies delivered onsite
  • Students enrolled
  • Web presence established
  • Governance structure established
  • Communication plan established and resourced
  • Launch day planned
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