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How to increase School Admissions ?

How to increase School Admissions ?

Posted on December 20, 2017 | by Vinod Kakumanu

Many school promoters are finding it difficult to enroll required number of students. This is in fact, one of the biggest challenge school promoters are experiencing when they launch a new school or trying to sustain an established school. Creating the best infrastructure, putting up hoardings and hiring the best resources is not helping yield the required number of admissions.

The situation may vary for a new school and an established school, Listing three important aspects that impact admissions –

1. Brand

Create a vision for the school, determine the positioning strategy, Establish a brand campaign to educate, engage and influence parents/student community. create a budget for the brand campaign and assign necessary funds. We suggest to run the brand campaign untill the desired admission goals are achieved and reduce / increase the campaign frequency basis the outcomes.

Ensure you are not compromising on the brand position, For example brand positioning that works for an affordable school may not work for an International School. We observed internal branding is often ignored and brand position is compromised.

The success of the brand campaign depends on the given situation. Measure monthly, the outcomes based on the awareness created in the target market, trust with parent community, reputation and increasing trend in quality of incoming inquiry’s.

Awards and accolades add value to the brand repute.

2. Communication (Marketing)

Determine the catchment area, target segment and unique selling points. Define a communication strategy, select media and create the appropriate content specific to a media. Various communication media are available – outdoor, indoor, digital, social, web, TV, etc.

Define a budget for the communications campaign, assign necessary funds for the required duration. The duration depends on the type of schooling you are offering.

Measure the success of the communications campaign on a monthly basis based on the number of incoming inquiry’s, their quality and determine what media is working for you.  An increasing trend in the incoming inquiry’s is desired.

Marketing to an unwanted segment, catchment area and spending on an unwanted media are the most common mistakes we observed. Avoid spending on a media which is not giving quality inquiry’s, reassign budgets to an appropriate media.

3. Admissions (Sales)

The number inquiry’s you are able to convert into an admission, play a vital role in the success of a school. The more admissions, the more success. You have the necessary funds to continue to sustain operations of the school and realize your dream of education more and more children.

Most of the time brand, marketing / communications strategy’s work very well. Parents walk-in to the school, but does not admit their children in the school. Reasons could be many, listing the most common reasons for your reference –

  1. School’s proximity to the child’s residence
  2. Process of handling admissions
  3. Parent is not convinced with what they are getting for the price they are paying
  4. Features communicated in brand and marketing campaigns are not seen in the school
  5. Infrastructure is not ready
  6. Curriculum / Program / Resources
  7. Many more..

An increasing trend in the number of admission is desired. You need to ensure that the team handling admissions process are trained to sell your school programs and efficiently handle objections raised by parents.

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