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Absolute Don’ts of a Teacher Job

Absolute Don’ts of a Teacher Job

Posted on August 21, 2018 | by Vinod Kakumanu

As much as we love the thought that every teacher out there is going to be marvelous, the reality of the matter is that it would not be so. There is always going to be that one teacher we are never going to forget, and dare I say, for all the wrong reasons. Teachers are the people whom we trust fully with ourselves and our future and when those expectations are not met – well, it’s disappointing. A teacher’s job is also not a trivial engagement. Sometimes, and I think everyone would agree with that, we all have bad days – even teachers. But having a bad day as a teacher and being a bad teacher have fundamental differences. Some points to be noted as drawbacks are:


  1. Cell Phone: Picture the teacher is always on the cell phone. For a teacher on the job, what is the most important thing? Of course, their students. Nothing other than their students must be given importance during the teaching time. If teachers are spending time on their phone rather than spending time teaching the class, it gives the impression that there is something or someone far more interesting and important outside the class than within the class for the teacher. This constitutes a completely unacceptable behavior for a teacher. Hence, the cell-phone engagement in the classroom is, according to us, the number one attribute for qualifying as a bad teacher.
  2. Temper Problems: Students are kids and kids are, well, kids. Anything and everything leaves an impression on their mind and it is usually very quick and stays for a long time. Any action done by the teacher is an impression that lasts in the student’s mind. You as a teacher must make sure not to lose control, or in this case, your temper in front of the students. Sure, you might be having a bad day, or the kids might be exasperating but nothing excuses your behavior because you are the adult in the room, not them.
  3. Not Paying Attention: This is related to confounding distraction with multitasking. You cannot teach a class while simultaneously checking your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other myriad social media accounts. You should be taking rounds in your class and looking after the students and helping them, teaching them instead. A teacher is the life of the classroom, her/his attention is what makes the classroom lively if you take that away, you are sucking the life out of that classroom, so do what you are there to do – teach.
  4. One Method Policy: For some teachers, the basis of discerning a bad learner profile to good learner profile is on one criterion – worksheets. Some students get things by doing worksheets, some don’t. Some understand what the teacher is teaching and complete the worksheet, some don’t. That alone does not make them bad learners. Several teachers employ on stereotypical method of teaching and expect all the students to learn equally. And when this does not happen, the students who do not really understand the teacher’s method, they are dubbed slow learners.
  5. Monotony in Teaching Job: Monotonous teaching is suffocating learning to be very figurative. Typically, students fall asleep after ten minutes, don’t you realize? Studies indicate that the ones who want to study very much might be awake for maximum twenty minutes then they also give up. Constantly speaking without any expression or gestures or anything interesting to look by or listen to or non-interaction kills the joy of learning. You might want to vary your voice tones, ask sudden questions, make the classroom more interactive to overcome the problem of monotone teaching.
  6. Teaching Only The “GOOD” Learners: A good teacher can turn a good learner into a great one and a slow learner to a better learner. A good learner can learn at the faster pace but a teacher’s duty is to look after all the students, teach all the students and not only the good learners.
  7. Teaching The Same Way Every Year: Some teachers use the same tests, worksheets for students every year, effectively they use templates. Don’t do that, bring some newness in the lessons, showcase creativity, raise or down the difficulty level to make it interesting.
  8. Words Mean Nothing: There are teachers whose words never affect the students – the reason could be anything lack of confidence, consistency anything. A teacher must be consistent with his/her words but should not lie or be violent to make children listen or obey.
  9. Hating The Students: Why are you even a teacher if you hate students? If that’s the case, You clearly are in the wrong profession and must go forward and look for different profession rather than wasting your and a child’s time and faith in teachers.

Five Secrets to Land Your Dream Teaching Job

Posted on August 21, 2018 | by Vinod Kakumanu

Many a time someone else gets the job you have been looking for. There are a set of people who get their dream jobs easily but not because they are more talented than you, rather they stand out due to their innovative approach. Nowadays, landing a teachers’ job is not as easy as it was in the past, due to the fact that schools now expect significantly more from the educators. To be an excellent teacher you need to have that extra zing to be a good mentor, pioneer, and a specialist in educational programs. Here are some principal steps that you can follow to improve your chances of selection while competing for a teachers job –


Planning – Good preparation is vital for being selected as a teacher. You have to be prepared by knowing where and when to apply for the teaching jobs. To gather this information, the most ideal approach is online teacher job portals like www.educatorone.com, human resource departments at schools, attending job fairs and keeping in touch with recruitment agencies. Sometimes even a move to another place can help you since that place might have relatively more openings for teachers.

Make a professional profile/resume – Your resume is taken as a reflection of your personality. Schools often receive thousands of applications and in order to get selected, your resume really needs to be effective. Make your resume a professional one by highlighting your strengths, accomplishments, audio/video demos etc. Your job-objective should be impressive enough to get you selected.

Prepare for the interview – Once you are done with the resume, next comes interview. You need to come across as a relaxed and confident individual to handle even the toughest of interviews. Gone are the days when one used to prepare self for the interview by practicing the run of mill questions like “tell me about yourself”, “where do you see yourself in the next few years”. Nowadays, it is more important to acquaint yourself with the school where you are being interviewed, its activities and about the students and other staff. You ought to get ready to discuss your own particular qualities and learning of distinguished instructions, lecture planning, innovation in the classroom, classroom administration and parental correspondence.

Make sure all your teaching job qualities and skills are known by holding workshops/blogging/Special certifications – Make sure that your application enlists all the special skills you have. In case you speak another language, have a flair for writing, are exceptional in extracurricular activities and sports, you need to highlight these talents. Schools always look out for that individual who can give them something extra. The selection committee needs to know your talents and this enhances your job prospects. Your portfolio should cater to the needs of the school you are applying for, hence you should highlight those. You can start by inviting parents and students and teaching them something really exciting for you and them as well. This is a great way to interact with the community and if you are able to create a bond with them, getting a job in that place becomes easier due to good recommendations from their end. You can even create a blog about a certain topic which you need to share with them and make it viral. This creates more impact since it reaches out to a wider audience. Even social networking sites like facebooks, Instagram may help you land a good job. To get a good teaching job, you need to be abreast yourself with advancements in pedagogy and technology as well. Broadening your teaching skills by doing pedagogical, technical courses from reputed organizations make you attractive to employers.

Sub in the school or district – Subbing is the most effective way to get noticed since you get to meet the faculty and other people from various schools. You need to establish contacts here with almost everybody in the place where you are subbing so that they can help you find a permanent teaching position. Working as a substitute teacher also helps you understand your strong areas and subjects that interest you. It gives you free access to teachers who are working on the subject with you and helps you share your ideas.

Teachers desire a dream job that would allow them to teach and mentor students using their own style and let them showcase their skills effectively. Finding your dream teaching job directly leads to job satisfaction and also a  rewarding teaching career. There is no dearth of votaries who assert that no job can compare with that of the teacher’s job since this job gives you the opportunity to share your knowledge with children and shape their future.

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