12 Schools of Applied Learning to be Set Up by Delhi Government

After "Schools of Specialised Excellence," Delhi will soon have 12 "Schools of Applied Learning," where the emphasis will be on the practical application of academic abilities rather than rote memorization, according to Delhi Education Minister, Atishi. The minister further said that ‘Schools of Specialised Excellence’ allow the students of grade 9 onwards to choose their grades of specialisation, including several streams like – STEM, Performing Arts, Humanities, Higher 21st Century Skills.

Another type of school called ‘School of Applied Learning’ (SoAL) having classes from nursery to grade 12, has been budgeted and will start in the next academic year. The emphasis will not only be on the regular subjects, but also on their how they will be applied to students’ daily lives and the world around them. As explained by the minister, the three parts of the education in this type of school will be primary years programme, the middle years programme and the third part will be based on various skills that the students can use to participate in the economy.

The minister said, "These schools will be a model for our KG to class 12 education in coming years. We have a tie-up with IB Board on how the curriculum can be application-based rather than rote learning based till class 8. From Grade 9 onwards, students will get to participate and interact with leaders from different industries so that by the time they finish their education, they are not just in a position to think about what it is they want to pursue, but they have already had that exposure to many fields, industries and businesses,"

For these schools, the government already has 12 new buildings; following this trial programme, existing schools will also be transformed into SoAL

Vinod Kakumanu

Vinod Kakumanu

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