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Opening a School – Own Brand or Franchisee

Opening a school in India and establishing one’s own brand is an exercise in perseverance and patience. The second option that figures deceptively easy—is taking a franchise. Analysis that tilts in favor of franchisee school establishment is simplistic and echoes the market. It tends to discount the fact that franchisee schools, reflected as ‘beneficiaries’ or part of “community” are in effect clients in every sense of the term. We state that on the basis of economics of the franchise arrangement. The franchise onetime cost (exorbitant in most cases) , recurrent liability of royalty, fee for marketing consultation, fee for affiliation consultation and almost every other aspect of school operation, all these factor in. A new school is prone to be at the receiving end as the “standards” which are demanded are not affordable for every school promoter. The difference that is seen between one school brand and another is only of degree not of kind. The specifics of franchise arrangement are almost same in case of every brand with prudent “concessions”.

Opening your own brand school exacts cost in terms of diligence and painstaking marketing but that’s worth it in terms of intact autonomy and reserved rights on returns on investment, unrestricted implementation of vision, the choice of board of affiliation and any combination of curriculum you wish to subscribe to. As far as the deterrent is concerned i.e. self-dependent pursuit at every step of school setup and functional aspects, a simple expedient of opting for school consultancy services can mitigate the concerns of independent school promoters. We have an entire spectrum of school setup services for school promoters to avail.

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planning school

Planning a New School

Prepare a sustainable school concept, budget and timelines for starting school.

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establing a new school

Establishing a New School

All assistance you need establish a new school including school architecture, interior design, branding, admissions..

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manage a new school

Manage a New School

Academic Support, Recruitment of teachers and staff, affiliation assistance and school operations.

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Own School brand or franchise :  comparative analysis

With plethora of franchisors vying for popularity and the challenges involved in the decision to start one’s own school one needs to carefully weigh both options before going about it. After all the aim is to make a school name a brand to reckon with and possibly a future franchisor with a difference.

Choosing the right school consultant in the entrepreneurial venture of starting one’s own school can be made much more conducive by becoming a beneficiary of the expertise and experience of school consultants. But how to choose from the pool of consultants all claiming to be the best?

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school consultants

School consultants: Individuals or Organisations

Traditionally school promoters have relied on different individuals in the know with advent of  school consultancy organizations starting school is standardized.

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cbse state

Affiliation Switch over From state board to CBSE

Every new school starts with state board recognition. Should school switch over to CBSE or continue with the state board?

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ib igcse

Dilemma of International Education : IB vs IGCSE 

Last decade has seen the rise of International programmes in Indian schools. Experts opine on benefits of international  education. which of the two is more suitable?

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choose curriculum

Choosing the best curriculum : CBSE,ICSE,IB or IGCSE

It will be remiss of us to not compare national and international curricula and help you assess how they resonate with the aspirations of Indian students.

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Selecting the curriculum : CBSE vs ICSE

Selecting the board of affiliation is the most deliberated aspect among school promoters. Choosing between the two prominent national boards remains a subject of deliberation for independent school promoters who are setting up their own schools and have the freedom to choose the curriculum. There are characteristic features of both the CISCE and CBSE boards that make them distinct at the same time there are commonalities. We have attempted to elaborate upon the features of both the education boards and have presented detailed viewpoint that will help school promoters to decide between the CISCE and CBSE. So,let us discuss how to decide which of these is more compatible to your new  school project.

cbse icse

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start school


To Start a franchisee school or not? Either approach has its own advantages and disadvantages. We suggest to base the decision on “If you want to invest your money on building other brand name or your own brand name”. School Serv can assist you – 

  • Suggest a suitable school concept
  • Develop academic and beyond academic programs
  • Recruitment  and skill development
  • Prepare policy’s and procedure manuals
  • Order materials and supplies
  • Develop Brand identity
  • Develop marketing strategy
  • Create Master plan, Architecture and Interior design
  • Create Web presence
  • Admission process
  • Get educational supplies
  • Monitor timeline and budget
  • School

    We assist promoters from various states setup own branded private schools, school vision and brand positioning strategy by aligning all aspects of your school concept basis target market. We have designed and deployed several school brand ideas and continue to support their growth.

    Want to Start a School in India ?