How much does it cost to start a school in India?

School Project Cost Calculator

How much does it cost to start a school in India? Can we get an estimate for starting a school in India?  How much fund do I need to start a school in India? Why does it cost so much to start a good school in India?  These are the most frequent questions we face from school promoters.


Budget Calculator


Cost of setting up a school in India broadly depends on the extent of land/building, nature of accommodation, capacity and educational infrastructure required to start a CBSE or ICSE or IGCSE/Cambridge or IB or International school. It may cost a couple of crores to start a school in India and may vary by the school location, local procurement prices and cost of resources involved in the new school project.

Employing the experience our school consultants garnered over a decade through assisting scores of promoters open schools in India and as an aid to aspiring new school promoters – We are proud to introduce first of kind tool to calculate the draft budget of the new school project. Using this calculator aspiring school promoters can gauge the cost to start a school in India.


Budget Calculator for New School Project

Gauge the cost to start a school in India in 3 simple steps.

  • The New School Project
  • Location
  • New School Budget
School is being developed in building needs to be constructed

Step 1:

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Last Name:
Email Address:
Mobile Number:
Where do you want to Open a School?:

Step 2:

Size of land, where you wish to Start a School:
Type of School:
Nature of Accomodation:
Toatal area of Construction:

Total costing for setting up a school to accomodate students is: to

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I want to start a cbsc school in i want your help



Ppanchanan chaturvedi

I want to cbse school for rural child development


Ahire charushila

1std to 12th std

Anil Shinde Gulabrao Shinde

Interested in Maharashtra Aurangabad

Shekhar Chatterjee

Wish to stay a CBSe school in rural west Bengal



I want consultancy for new school establishment.


Mushtak Ali

Capital for start new school


I have three pre primary schools in west Delhi one of them is pre primary and primary. We are seeking for recognition from Mcd, but facing many difficulties due to investment issues, Can you help us for the same Our all branches have a very high goodwill in their respective areas

Vinod kumar

Tell me the approx cost to open a primary Lucknow city


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