Ministry of Education Unveils Guidelines to Prevent Self-Harm by Students

In a significant move towards prioritising mental health in educational settings, the Ministry of Education has unveiled draft guidelines to prevent self-harm among students. The initiative addresses the critical need for a supportive environment, emphasising the responsibility of educational institutions to foster the well-being of their students. The draft guidelines for schools include setting up a School Wellness Team (SWT) to identify and support students showing warning signs of self-harm.

From creating awareness campaigns to implementing counselling services, the guidelines outline a holistic approach aimed at nurturing the mental health of students. The key aspects of these guidelines are designed to equip schools with the tools to identify, address, and prevent instances of self-harm. Understanding the challenges posed by academic pressures, social dynamics, and the evolving digital landscape, the Ministry's guidelines advocate for a collaborative effort involving teachers, parents, and mental health professionals

The guidelines recommended strategies to create an open dialogue around mental health and the importance of early intervention. The proactive measures outlined by the Ministry not only highlight the role of education in academic development but also in the emotional and psychological well-being of students. These crucial guidelines highly contribute to a safer and more supportive educational environment. Apart from that, there are ongoing efforts to prioritise mental health within the educational sphere and contribute to creating a nurturing space for students to thrive.

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