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We are India’s leading K-12 school consultancy and the only educational services provider with in-house capability to cover the entire spectrum of the K-12 school establishment and management needs. The dimensions of School Serv‘s outreach are unmatched and so is the level of ownership and engagement that we have demonstrated with every school we established in India.

We have furthered the interest of education by resourceful leveraging of technology and creating our own specialized platforms to cover critical aspects of school management, set up, and improvement.

While our core services are intensive and enrich select school partners, our online services are extensive and reach lakhs of schools across India. Platforms for teacher recruitment, school real estate, marketplace for school supplies, and school ERP systems aid schools of all scales in achieving time and cost efficiency in their operations.

We believe and invest in research and development and have the distinction of bringing at least one innovation in the educational systems scene every year.

Our claim to fame is our dynamism. We assist schools secure their place in the educational ecosystem of the 21st century with changing tactics and unchanging principles.

As India's leading K-12 school lifecycle Services Company, we take up new school projects and begin with market assessment. A detailed project report is furnished followed by infrastructural planning, academic program finalization and implementation, branding and marketing strategy design, teacher-recruitment and training, and procurement. Post establishment, we closely monitor the school management processes and optimize them through manpower training and the use of technology.

The widest possible array of school consultancy and management services require a dedicated and dynamic team. We have school project Consultants, Academicians, Recruiters, Trainers, Architects, Brand Specialists, Marketing Specialists, Project Managers, Software Engineers, Chartered Accountants and a large selection of school suppliers at our disposal to deliver complete spectrum of services and make certain your experience of school enterprising with us is an exemplary one.

For the establishment of International Baccalaureate® (IB) World Schools in India, we collaborate with eminent International school consultants on our mandate. We have resourcefully deployed the services of internationally acclaimed school architects, school master planners, and learning environment interior designers to create 21st-century school concepts.


Enrich education for children in schools and prepare them for life


Re-imagine school education – To establish sustainable schools, enhance teaching opportunities and educate children for life

Core Values

  • Dedication  to every client’s success.
  • Trust  and personal responsibility in all relationships.
  • Innovation  in 21st century school concepts.
  • Integrity and openness in all interactions.

Why School Serv ?

School Serv has helped client’s launch schools in a variety of social settings, market scenarios and budgets. We have established networks to deliver necessary services, technology, materials, supplies, establish curriculum, set school policies and deliver high quality educational experience to all students.

Leading k12 School Consultants

Comprehensiveness is our hallmark, we outsource absolutely nothing

Leading k12 School Consultants

We lead with Innovation and pride ourselves as exemplars of adoption of original ideas and technology in education services

Leading k12 School Consultants

Deep insights into the K-12 education sector help us perfectly interpret developments and adapt

Leading k12 School Consultants

The highest levels of Ownership and Accountability makes us stand apart

Leading k12 School Consultants

Our experience in handling challenging and complex assignments

Leading k12 School Consultants

We create excellence regardless of location and scale

Leading k12 School Consultants

We truly collaborate with our partners and not limit ourselves to detached advisory

Leading k12 School Consultants

We implement learning programs for the development of 21st-century skills with demonstrably high learning outcomes


Team School Serv is passionate about increasing educational outcomes, achieving better results for our partner schools – results that go beyond financial and are social, holistic and uniquely tailored.

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Our Work

In our decade long existence, we have successfully navigated through every major shift in the K-12 education scenario. We assisted clients from every region of India to establish landmark institutions, while digitally empowering lakhs of others in the K-12 school sector. Our partner schools approach education with a global outlook to accomplish the empowerment of the local communities.

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