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About Us

About Us


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​Given strong academic & technology focus, we have invented solutions to assist schools overcome challenges and ensure smooth school operations.

  1. Academic Programs
    • Early Learning Program for 3 months to 6-year age group
    • Childcare program for 3 months to 6-year age group
    • After school program for 6 years to 12-year age group
    • Teach & Learn by Doing for Science “Activity based science teaching and learning program for schools integrated with school curriculum (Customizable to Grade 6 to Grade 10 State, CBSE & ICSE Boards”
    • IIT oriented academic program for Grade 6 to Grade 10 (State, CBSE & ICSE)
  2. Software Solutions
    • www.schoolsupermart.com “Online marketplace for schools where they connect with sellers directly to buy school supplies, materials, solutions and services.”
    • www.educatorone.com “We'll help you target the most suitable educators, why waste time searching for educators amongst several million”
    • www.schoolprop.com “Exclusive platform for listing school real estate requirements. Buyers and Sellers can locate properties, find matching school real estate and connect with each other”

India’s leading K-12 school lifecycle services company. We work with promoters of a new school to study the market, assess feasibility, conceptualize the idea of the school, plan the project, establish the school and run operations/provide support services.

We are a team of 20+ professionals, passionate about increasing educational outcomes, achieving better results for our partner schools – results that go beyond financial and are social. We have Consultants, Academicians, Recruiters, Trainers, Architects, Brand Specialists, Marketing Specialists, Project Managers, Software Solutions, Chartered Accountants and a large selection of suppliers on hand to deliver services and make certain your experience with us is a positive one.

Further, we collaborated with eminent International school consultants on our mandates to setup IB World Schools in India and award-winning school architecture and learning environment designers to create 21st-century school concepts.

Why Us?

Why School Serv?

School Serv has helped clients launch schools in a variety of settings and circumstances. We have established networks to deliver necessary services, materials, supplies, establish curriculum, set school policies and deliver high quality educational experience to all students.


Innovation in 21st century school concepts


We are a single window to comprehensive school services and solutions


Our attitude to learn, un-learn and re-learn


Collaborations are a vital part of all we do


Our experience in handling challenging and complex assignments


Speed in communications, getting information and responses to questions


Integrity and openness in all interactions


Learning programs for 21st century

Our Team


Team School Serv is passionate about increasing educational outcomes, achieving better results for our partner schools – results that go beyond financial and are social, holistic and uniquely tailored.

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Strategic Advisory Board

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Our work

Getting Started

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  4. Contract with School Serv for School Set-Up Or School Improvement and School Management Services.
  5. Commence the Project.

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