Bhartiya Games to be Introduced in Schools

The Indian Knowledge System (IKS) division of the Education Ministry have chalked out a plan to introduce indigenous games in schools. The “Bhartiya Games” initiative will be implemented by teachers as points of contact, developing regular training programmes for them, training students under those teachers, and review and recognition of their performance by experts.

The ministry has prepared a list of 75 Indian games from different parts of the country, including Posham Pa, Yubi Takpi, Gilli Danda, etc. besides different forms of kabaddi and kanche. As per the implementation plan, each school will nominate a person – e.g. the sports teacher – as the point of contact. The details of these contact persons will be uploaded on the IKS website, and they will be trained to prepare the students for playing these games.

The IKS games experts are developing a structured training programme, including details of the game, methods of playing, scoring techniques, rules, life lessons, variations on each game, and skills development. Based on the training programme, the teachers will be able to identify the students to play, and a few of them for the final game. The final games will be recorded, based on interest and competence. The schools will upload a 5-minute video of students’ performance on the IKS website for review. An expert group of about 20 people will rate the games.

Schools have started preparing for the games, and IKS conducts meetings with select schools to build and spread awareness. The first games could happen by January 2023. At the conclusion of the games, prizes and certificates of excellence will be awarded to top performing school, teachers and students.

Vinod Kakumanu

Vinod Kakumanu

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Vinod Kakumanu heads a team of school services professionals and is an independent commentator on Indian school education scenario. Vinod has assisted school promoters establish 35+ schools besides providing ancillary services to over 1000 schools across India. He envisions a future where quality education is made available to every child of the country. The focus he places on the quality of the deliverables and customer satisfaction has made him renowned in the field of K-12 school education.

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