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State child right panel in Punjab issue notice in response to introduction of English medium in smart schools

The commission has issued the notice to the education department after its officials did not present themselves before the commission after a complaint was filed in the Punjab and Haryana High Court.... Read More

Maharashtra Govt. Directed by Bombay HC Not to Act Against Private Schools over Fee-Issue

On Aug 12 Maharashtra Govt has issued resolution on 15% fee cut for the academic year 2021-22 for all schools of all boards and all mediums. The state was temporarily restrained by the Bombay High Court from acting against private schools in case of their refusal to abide by the Aug 12 resolution of... Read More

Mumbai sees protests against school fee hike, ban on online classes

Mumbai saw a spate of protests by parent groups on the issues of fee hike by a prominent school chain-- with six schools in Mumbai alone-- and the ban on online classes for primary and preschool children.... Read More

Parents in Bangalore to set off an avalanche on twitter with 40,000 pro-online classes tweets

The states have imposed the ban on virtual classes in different degrees. While M.P. has banned online classes for the primary and pre-primary classes, Maharashtra has restricted live online classes up to 2nd standard. The permission for prerecorded videos still hangs in the balance.... Read More

Schools cannot force non-NCERT, non-SCERT books on students in the name of “value addition”

The National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR), in a bid to facilitate affordable and quality education, has asked the state education department and the education board to curtail the need of students for amassing books other than the ones prescribed or published by the National Cou... Read More

Synchronous and Asynchronous Learning—learning outside classrooms

We know how technology has created a revolution in education. it has not only simplified the process of learning but has also given way for students to get hold of different kinds of learning. The online or digital experience has grown in popularity and accessibility; it can broadly be divided into ... Read More

Challenges Faced by Newly Set-Up Schools

The education sector in India is constantly expanding due to the high demand fuelled by the country’s increasing population. Education is the core need for our children to acquire knowledge and become responsible citizens in the future. Through various initiatives, the government has made education ... Read More

The School Principal As A Leader

A leader knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way. But how actually a leader should be? A leader is the best when people around him/her barely know he/she exists. When the work is done and the aim is accomplished, it should feel like teamwork. And there lies the greatness of a leader.... Read More

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