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Buy Sell Rent School Property

I am school owner in Rajasthan. I want to sale my school.... Read More

Buy Sell Rent School Property

I would like to put up my CBSE school building, land for sale. ... Read More

What to look for while buying an Operational School?

Hi Vinod, I am very interested to read your article. Can I ask for advice? I am thinking about a sale of an education center in Hanoi. But how to investigate to the details whether its profitable after taking over. T... Read More

Buy Sell Rent School Property

I have school land for lease as well as sale in Mohali district Punjab pls connect 7986880683... Read More

How to Start a New School in India?

I am thinking of buying an operational school listed on your portal, Will it be possible for me make radical changes to the school like curriculum, as that is what we think will make the difference. What facilities does we get from school serv in managing the school that we bought fo... Read More

Where can i find land for my school ?

You can find land/building for the school purpose, an operational school for  sale, lease at exclusive school real estate listings portal

... Read More

What all permissions are needed for starting a new school?

The permissions and related documents that are required for starting a new school in India are—
• The founding documents of the Trust/Society/Company
• The affidavit of the non-proprietary Trust/Society/Company
• Memorandum of Association between the school and the Trust/Society/Company
• Land and School Building Documents
• Ownership documents, Sale deed or Lease Deed
• Change of Land Use certificate for the land for the school building
• Map approved by the Municipal Authority
• Building blueprint
• Building Safety Certificate
• NOC issued by the education department of the state or the ‘Essentiality Certificate’
• State Board Affiliation
• Employees’ EPF and ESIC registration

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What to look for while buying an Operational School?

The school entrepreneurship in India is more dynamic than it seems. The policy shifts in the education domain sometimes exposes eduprenurs to unforeseen situations , in certain cases the school promoters decide to hand over the school entirely to other management and relinquish ownership. Such schoo... Read More

What is land requirement for CBSE schools in cities?

CBSE has signified the land requirements for cities with population more than 15 lacs which is not less than 1.49 acres which includes the land of the building and the playground and the space to provide physical health education. The land requirement in hilly areas is 1 acre. You may also find land or building or operational school for sale on the exclusive school real estate portal  School

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Teacher Training for NEP objectives--CBSE and AICTE’s joint Innovation Ambassador Programme

The CBSE has entered into a collaboration with the All India Council for Technical Education by signing an MoU. The collaboration is for teacher training and skill enhancement. Notably, the AICTE is currently organizing several programs for skill enhancement of the faculty and the students of the in... Read More

Unified Platform For Buyers And Sellers Of School Properties

Every moment of our life is lived for the future. And possession of real estate becomes the best way to secure our future in today's society. It is important to sell, buy and own properties to lead a financially safe and secure life.... Read More

The post COVID School Education — what to expect and how to navigate the changes?

As far the crippling effects of the pandemic on an industrial sector goes, the private school sector of India composed of half a million private schools, offer a veritable case study.... Read More

Points To consider Before Leasing An Operational School

The right to use of a property is as important as its ownership .... Read More

6 Points To Consider While Selling Or Buying An Operational School

Real estate gave way to the concept of buying lands or properties which are already operational. This trend is evident in the buying and selling of school properties. And hence, the potential buyers opt to procure operational schools or lands for running schools.... Read More

How to Increase School Admissions ?

Many school promoters are finding it difficult to enroll required number of students. This is in fact, one of the biggest challenge school promoters are experiencing when they launch a new school or trying to sustain an established school. Creating the best infrastructure, putting up hoardings and h... Read More

Documents Needed While Applying for CBSE Affiliation

All applications shall be submitted online only. Following documents are required to be uploaded while making an application for CBSE affiliation online -... Read More

Data Science will be introduced in schools in the wake of the NEP 2020

In the wake of the National Education Policy 2020, areas such as AI, coding, robotics, Data Science will be introduced. CBSE has already announced the introduction of these technical areas. We have already discussed some of these in our earlier blogs, and in this article we will discuss Data Science... Read More

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