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Maharashtra Govt. Directed by Bombay HC Not to Act Against Private Schools over Fee-Issue

On Aug 12 Maharashtra Govt has issued resolution on 15% fee cut for the academic year 2021-22 for all schools of all boards and all mediums. The state was temporarily restrained by the Bombay High Court from acting against private schools in case of their refusal to abide by the Aug 12 resolution of... Read More

Private Schools organize Protest over Fee Cut Directive in Bangalore

A massive protest organized against the state government’s ruling mandating a 30% fee cut in private schools was held in Bangalore with protesters numbering in their thousands.... Read More

How the schools can make parent's critique positive

No school provides “bad education or good education”, I personally believe every school starts with an intent to provide quality education. The philosophy, methodology, and infrastructure may vary with the founder’s vision.... Read More

Why do Schools fail to get admissions?

Efficient school management emphasizes the bonhomie between the management and the employees, most importantly teachers and management. The expedient measures were taken in this direction improve the receptiveness of the employees and increase the training outcomes almost certainly. It improves the ... Read More

Manage the school efficiently and get admissions?

Closely attending to both successful and retarding features of school management acquainted us with the capability to identify and rectify the features that impair the growth of a school. The reason that makes us research intensively and makes school management as one of our specialized services is ... Read More

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