NCERT Panel Recommends- Replace ‘India’ with ‘Bharat’ in School Textbooks

In a move aimed at fostering a deeper connection with the nation's cultural roots, a high-level committee for social sciences constituted by the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT)  has recommended replacing "India" with "Bharat" in school textbooks. The committee also recommends the introduction of the term ‘Classical History’ instead of ‘Ancient History’ in the curriculum. The proposal suggests a shift from the colonial nomenclature to a more indigenous term, emphasizing a sense of national pride and identity.


The committee argues that the term "Bharat" holds historical and cultural significance, rooted in ancient scriptures and traditions. By incorporating this change in textbooks, the education system aims to instill a stronger sense of patriotism and unity among students. The move aligns with ongoing efforts to decolonize educational content and promote a narrative that resonates with India's rich heritage. The committee also recommends highlighting the Hindu victories in textbooks as well as the introduction of the Indian Knowledge System(IKS) in the curriculum of all subjects.


However, the proposal has sparked debates, with concerns raised about potential resistance to such a fundamental change. Critics question the practical implications and argue for a balanced approach that preserves historical accuracy while embracing linguistic diversity. The NCERT is revising the curriculum of school textbooks in line with the NEP 2020 and the council has recently constituted a 19-member committee named National Syllabus & Teaching Learning Material Committee (NSTC) to finalise the curriculum. As the nation awaits a decision on the proposed change, it prompts a broader reflection on the power of language in shaping cultural narratives and the ongoing journey toward a more inclusive and culturally rooted education system.


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