Top Private School Management May go To Delhi Govt. Over “Arbitrary Fee-Hike”

The Delhi Government has moved to take over the management of a top private school in Delhi, Bal Bharati School, and is reported to have secured necessary approvals from the Lieutenant Governor’s office.

This unprecedented development has taken place in response to the alleged arbitrary fee-hike done by the private school management. 

According to the statement of the Dy. CM, the school has not withdrawn the increased fee despite the directive of the government inviting the DoE to take over its management. It was also said that the schools failing to comply with orders will be penalized. 

The school management of the school in question has responded saying that it had complied with all the directives of the Delhi School Education Act and Rules (DSEAR) and has followed the rulings of the court with regard to fee-hike.

"We are getting to know about all this only through media. We are yet to receive any communication from the DoE and will consider the entire issue once we receive any direct communication," Principal Geeta Ganwani said.

The DoE officials claimed that the step has been taken after a careful and in-depth assessment of the financial statements of Bal Bharati School for the financial years 2016-2017 to 2017-2018.

"During the detailed inspection of the records, it was found that the total funds with the school for the year 2017-2018 were Rs 23.81 crore. Out of this amount, Rs 20.94 crore was estimated to be spent. Even after spending Rs 20.94 crore the school management had a net surplus of about Rs 2.87 crore”

Among the schools whose management has been taken over by the government includes Apeejay School. In this case, as well, the issue was the same.


Vinod Kakumanu

Vinod Kakumanu

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