Types Of School Principals

There are different types of school principals, each one having their unique personality types. As per the research conducted by the Centre for High Performance, school principals can be categorised into five types. The philosopher type, the surgeon kind, the architect kind, the soldier type, and the accountant kind. And this type-casting is based on the mode of administration the principal follows. Every individual is different and that's what makes them unique. Similarly, different types of principals are required to serve different types of schools.

 The philosopher kind of principals is the most common type. They don't act as managers yet serve as senior teachers and set an example as a lead for others to follow. They are inspiring and give freedom to the staff and students. There is another category i.e surgeon kind of school principal. They are very incisive and outstanding decision-makers. Their sharp focus and straightforwardness make them tough and disciplined. The architect kind of school principals are careful planners and brilliant executors. They have excellent observation power and take a holistic view of the institution in their administration. There are other kinds of school principals who are known as soldiers. They are persistent leaders and are good at sorting out the budget constraints of the academy. They perform everything in a cost-effective manner. There are yet another kind of school principals known as accountants who focus on improving the financial equilibrium. They are resourceful and systematic. They try to increase the size of the school by recruiting more students and by helping enhance the progress of their institution. It is important to decide which type of school principal blends with the policies of the institution. The decision also gets influenced by the type of staff and students in the organisation and the mode of working. 

Different circumstances need different types of leadership. The demand also differs from the perspective of difference in the people to be dealt with. So in the case of recruiting a school principal, this difference should be considered as a high priority. A person who is chosen to be the lead of the institution and assigned to make a difference in the life of others, must have his or her own identity, personality and character. Depending upon the circumstance, they can take the form of any of the five types of school principals or combine any particular traits to take a new form.  

Great School Principals usually take a mixed form of all these categories and that's what makes their administration unique and productive. 

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