Global Impact of Internationalisation of Higher Education

In an era marked by interconnectedness and cultural exchange, the internationalisation of higher education stands as a transformative force. This phenomenon is bringing substantial changes to the world of academia. The internationalisation of higher education is playing a prominent role in shaping global perspectives. It has a profound influence on the evolving dynamics of student mobility, cross-cultural collaborations, and the integration of diverse academic frameworks. As the phenomenon facilitates the mobility of students and scholars, it plays a vital role in shaping global citizens.

Debjani Mukherji, Vice President, of Strategic Alliances, TalentSprint has some notable examples of how the internationalisation of education is taking place around us. These include:

  • Academic credit transfer- This facilitates the learning of students from tier2 or tier3 universities from faculty of prestigious tier1 universities like IIT, and IISc

  • Credit recognition in the twinning programme- This allows Indian students to complete parts of their education in foreign universities and receive recognised credits from their home universities.

  • Global research collaborations- This enables some of the brightest students from various countries to work together with their diverse perspectives, in solving some major global challenges.

  • Student exchange programmes- This enables students to experience the culture and learning opportunities of another country to make informed decisions about their studies abroad.

  • Online learning via MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses)- This provides easy accessibility with affordability to quality education from top global institutions.

  • Collaborations between top universities and Edtech- This enables learners worldwide to get management degrees, diplomas, and certifications, using top-quality online learning management systems. 

Also, tech boot camps are in high demand nowadays, which may or may not be affiliated with universities.

From fostering a rich tapestry of cultural experiences to cultivating a truly global learning environment, the internationalisation of higher education has far-reaching effects on students, institutions, and societies at large.

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