How to establish a boarding school in India

Promoters looking to start a boarding school have certain choices, The school can either be an exclusive residential school or it can be day school with facility of hostel for students as well.

There are residential schools affiliated to every educational board including the CBSE, CISCE, state boards and International Organizations like IB and Cambridge. There are institutions with resident students run by trusts like Sri Aurobindo and Ramakrishna Mission. Then there are international schools that are established for the expat pupil and are recognized by the educational boards of their respective countries. What's notable is that the boarding schools are not just exceptionally relevant for development of youth but constitute a league of their own. Almost every school that houses its students aims to live up to an express ideology moulding its students in accord with the institutional spirit.


As far as boarding schools are concerned, academics, though central, shares priority with the objective of the institution. Sainik schools, Military schools, and Rashtriya Indian Military College have an objective to send officers in Indian Defense forces, Navodaya Vidyalaya’s and Eklavya Model Residential Schools have stated objective to uplift the masses and level the urban-rural divide whereas International Schools aspire for international standards and organize activities like ‘model UN’ to that end, so on and so forth.

There are boys or girls’ exclusive boarding schools while some are co-educational institutions with separate lodgings for boys and girls.

Eduprenurs choosing to start a private residential school must live up to the expectations and standards of fine residential schools. The level of engagement of the staff with the students in these schools is naturally higher than day schools. The student-teacher ratio is 1:12, on an average.

It is vital to have a clear and socio-culturally resonant vision for the school that validates the perceived need for lodging students 24/7. It must have a mission that signifies the difference it is going to make by turning day scholars into boarders.

It is obvious that the land and an infrastructural requirement for a residential school would be several times higher (at least 15-20 acres) than a day school, given all other aspects are same. This translates into a much higher investment which warrants a much aggressive and effective positioning and communications strategy.

It is important to understand the motivation and beliefs of the parents who choose to send their children to boarding schools, the children that are usually teenagers or sometimes even younger. Parents believe that close mentoring would inculcate discipline in their children while making them independent. The expectation for assurance of homely, safe and age-appropriate environment is a given.

There is more scope of individual attention in the scenario of the boarding educational set up and that adds to its desirability. Higher quality of infrastructure and greater conduciveness for co-curricular and extra-curricular activities also factors in while making a choice in favor of a residential school.

Important steps in the course of setting up a boarding school include:

  1. The boarding school business plan and finance: The business plan for a residential school would include the budget, branding & marketing. The requirement of capital for establishing a boarding school that aspires for subsequent accreditation is considerable. The investment can be upwards of 10 Crores, the amount would vary depending on the location, standards, scale besides several other factors. The funds can also be resourced from financial institutions which would require an articulate business plan and detailed project report. It would be prudent for school entrepreneurs to hire expert services of a dependable school consultancy organization for planning and designing of the project and related activities.

 The recruitment strategy has to be highly structured and uncompromising. The line of differentiation between      Non-  Academic staff and academic staff, in the case of a residential school environment, tends to blur as teachers have to oversee other aspects of the daily routine of the borders.

Repositories like can be used for recruitment of staff for both girls and boys boarding schools.

  1. Selecting the Land: Locations of the residential schools are generally within the peripheries of the city. Such a location is ideal as it provides a suitable environment and it makes the property investments viable. The land has to be adequate to house academic block, playground, facilities and hostels.
  2. Construction: Once the land is procured and initial approvals are acquired, construction of the school comes in order. The façade and the interiors of the hostel must be designed with absolute precision. The school supplies must be resourced simultaneously and the classroom infrastructure must be planned and positioned in the interior-architectural plan. This includes educational technology equipment like Interactive Whiteboards and Projectors. The hostels are complemented by ante-rooms and gymnasium which must be well-supplied too. Such facilities would consist of television and indoor sports.

Students mess and canteen is a critical aspect and health certification must be acquired for running it. Its maintenance must be regular and quality, uncompromised.

  1. Curriculum selection and affiliation of the school is the primary concern and certain standards are dictated by the boards of affiliation. In case the choice of an international curriculum is being made, the infrastructural and technological requirements become exceptionally demanding.

The autonomy of the school management committee is extremely important as there arise occasions when quick and resolute decisions must be made with regard to the hostel management. A disciplinary committee and proctor's office with clearly laid guidelines must be established.

  1. Statutory approvals: We have detailed the necessary permissions, NOCs and certifications necessary for the establishment of a school which includes primarily the land ownership or lease documents click here to read. A residential school would require multiple certifications pertaining to the construction of the academic block and the hostels besides the municipal attestation of the availability and safety of amenities. A trusted panel of school architects must be entrusted with the school construction project.


How to Start a new school in India ?


  1. Branding and Marketing the boarding school: Marketing plan must be elaborately designed and must be based on extensive research. Besides the advertising through media, the brand positioning must be done through public interfaces. A structured campaign can be designed with the help of school consultancy services organization.

It is a statement of the obvious to say that the process of establishing a residential school is tremendously taxing and demanding with respect to several resources and time. The process can be made timely and cost-effective with the assistance of the best school consultants. At this point, it must be said that it certainly seems convenient to opt for a franchise but it certainly is not the best choice if one values one’s autonomy and independence of vision.

Vinod Kakumanu

Vinod Kakumanu

Founder & Consultant - School Serv

Vinod Kakumanu heads a team of school services professionals and is an independent commentator on Indian school education scenario. Vinod has assisted school promoters establish 35+ schools besides providing ancillary services to over 1000 schools across India. He envisions a future where quality education is made available to every child of the country. The focus he places on the quality of the deliverables and customer satisfaction has made him renowned in the field of K-12 school education.

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G S Meena asked

I want to start a boarding school and provide residential facility . What should I be doing? . Sir, please provide your contact details

Manasa answered

Hi, Thank you for reaching school serv. Please call us on 7829165444 for more details

Shanthi G asked

We have permission and running school from 1st to PUC. How shall we register residential school.

Manasa answered

Dear Shanthi G No specific permission is required for residential. School from education department


HI Vinod, I need help to get a high level DPR for a residential school in UP

Manasa answered

Dear Sir, Can I have your contact details. will get back to you. and give you more details. Or You can reach me on 7829165444 Thanking You Manasa

Animesh S asked

Is there a minimum stipulated distance between boy’s and girl’s hostel in a co-ed residential school?

Vinod Kakumanu answered

There is no specific stipulation. However, we suggest having physically separate buildings, if possible boundary walls. The location of one hostel relative to the other depends on the discretion of the school administration considering child safety.

Shiva Reddy asked

I wish to start a boarding school in rental building, Does hostels have to have recreational or sports facilities?

Vinod Kakumanu answered

Of course, they have to.. Residential schools are meant to house scholars and develop them as responsible and individuals with a fully developed personality. Ante-rooms, Television set, Table-tennis table and indoor games are some of the basic wares that a hostel must have. Internet access is nowadays, becoming rather given.

Sharad asked

Is the prohibition of corporal punishment (RTE 2009) apply to the wardens of the residential schools?

Vinod Kakumanu answered

It does indeed, there is no exception to the proscription of corporal punishment. As you have particularly brought up the instance of boarding schools, I must stress the fact that the rulings against corporal punishment are absolute in implementation for boarding schools.

Ravindra asked

I want to start a boarding school and provide residential facility from class VI. I am getting second thoughts as reportedly there are many child rights issues involved and the State Council for Protection of Child Rights (SCPCR) creates issues. What should I be doing?

Vinod Kakumanu answered

The line of reasoning you are taking is, I am afraid, flawed. The NCPCR and SCPCRs are instituted to promote child rights, one of which is access to quality education and good living conditions. If you are providing good education and decent boarding, there is no reason for rather absurd thought.

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