New Indian School Curriculum: First Look

During the making of the National Curriculum Frameworks (NCFs), local flavour and new academic areas will be considered, including but not limited to Indian knowledge system, citizenship, appreciation of national heritage, art and craft integration, and internship with artisans.

The four national curriculum frameworks being formulated by the central government are for school education, early childhood care and education, teacher education, and adult education. The foundation of the four NCFs will be shaped by district level consultations (DLCs) in a bottom-up approach. The NCFs will be based on 25 themes taken from NEP 2020.

As per the roadmap shared by NCERT with officials, states will conduct consultations in every district with 60 and 80 participants offline and online respectively. Teachers, teacher educators, parents, students, community members, non-literate people, and administrators of educational institutes will be the participants. Director of NCERT, Sridhar Srivastava, said that the main purpose of this consultation is to become richer by the experience, the local flavour, and the views on the NEP 2020 of the states and the union territories.

States are also supposed to conduct mobile app survey with 500 to 6000 community members, the numbers being dependent on the population density. The survey will consist of 100 questions related to NEP 2020 implementation and is divided into four areas with 40 questions in school education and 20 each for the early childhood care and education, teacher education, and adult education.

August 2022 has been set as the deadline by NCERT for the finalisation of the school curriculum which will be followed by the development of textbooks. April 2022 is the deadline for the framing of SCFs (State Curriculum Frameworks).

Vinod Kakumanu

Vinod Kakumanu

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