ZP Schools in Aurangabad Strike a Chord with Musical Growth

Zilla Parishad (ZP) schools in Aurangabad are embarking on a harmonious journey as they integrate music education into the academic curriculum. In collaboration with a Karnataka-based institute, the Chhatrapati Sambhajinagar Zilla Parishad has planned to offer music and song lessons to the students in civic schools. The first step towards this venture has been initiated in four schools through the ‘grow with music’ curriculum devised by the institute.


The special curriculum that has now come into existence as a result of the signing of the MoU between ZP and the institute emphasises on helping students explore and enjoy the legacy of Indian music as different from the curriculum practised in private schools which focuses on Western Music. Education officer Jayashri Chavan said this pointing to the encouraging reviews they received from teachers and students. 


The initiative which has been successfully implemented in the ZP schools of Asegaon, Satara, Pandharpur, and Patoda offers multiple benefits to students as claimed by the Asegaon school principal Raosaheb Thoarat. He added that the students are thoroughly enjoying the music sessions and both the teachers and students consider them a very good recreational activity. The district president of the teacher’s body Maharashtra Prathamik Shikshak Sangh, Mr Rajesh Hiwale has said that the initiative should cover all the schools. The announcement aligns with a broader vision of fostering a generation equipped with both academic and creative skills.


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