UGC frames guidelines to start courses on Indian heritage to attract foreign students

In order to encourage foreigners to travel to India, the University Grants Commission also known as UGC has ordered Indian universities to offer diploma programmes based on the Indian heritage and culture that promote the rich cultural heritage of India

The UGC guidelines allow students to earn and store credits through academic banks of credits and receive certificates in digital form through the National Academic Depository.

According to sources, these UGC guided curricula will be short term multi-tier credit based modular programmes, with multiple entry and exit based on Indian heritage and culture to promote the interest of people from abroad to visit India. 

This will also include dissemination of knowledge of learning in universal human values, Vedic Maths, Yoga, Ayurveda, Sanskrit, Indian languages and “sacrosanct religious regions”. Knowledge of archaeological sites and monuments, heritage of India, Indian literature, Indian sculpture, Indian music and dance forms, drama, visual and performing arts etc. are also included in the guidelines. 

In the announcement,  UGC has listed 46 Tentative Areas in which universities may offer these courses. They include but are not limited to Indian culture, Indian ethics or values, Indian music or dance, Indian folklore, Indian manuscript system, astrology and Indian rituals. Modern Indian languages such as Kannada, Pali, Prakrit, Sanskrit, Malayalam and Bengali are also included in the list of courses. 

Based on the degree of learning outcomes and the rigor of the curricular structure of relevant disciplines, these courses could be offered at three distinct levels: introductory level, intermediate level and advanced level.

People from any country having interests in Indian heritage and knowledge will be eligible to pursue these courses.

Vinod Kakumanu

Vinod Kakumanu

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