Qualification For A School Principal


A school as an institution, deals with something above the process of teaching and learning. 

The administration process of a school effectively blends the inspiring quality of teaching with the understanding quality of learning. 

What is principalship? 

Principalship is about setting a direction, creating a vision, empowering and motivating people to achieve that vision and above all, enabling them to do so with energy, speed and an effective strategy. An ideal principal helps teachers and students to leap into a better future. 

It is therefore important to get an insight into the qualification needed for a school Principal. Along with that, we need to get an understanding of the qualities and skills required for a qualified candidate to be an effective School Principal. 

The Credentials 

A bachelor's degree is usually inevitable for a job in India. Being a prestigious and highly responsible designation, a high school principal candidate is generally required to possess a Master's degree. 

One common degree path for aspiring School Principals is a Master's degree in Education Administration. Also for becoming a school principal, one needs experience of at least 5 to10 years. 

Qualities Over Qualifications 

What qualities does a school principal require for succeeding in the long run? Though it cannot be put on an accurate scale, the essential qualities school principals should have are communication skills, organisational skills, problem-solving skills, vision and leadership qualities. 

Skills summarised 

To succeed in the role of a School Principal, one should be able to make quick decisions under pressure and must have a comprehensive understanding of the national education system and its regulations.

Excellent communication and organisational skills are necessary for any qualified person to be a School Principal. 

Strategy is a choice, something for the long term 

School principals utilise a combination of strategies that make them and others around them better, thus allowing them to be successful. These strategies are: 

  • They try to hire and retain good teachers. 
  • Good School Principals don't boast but lead by example. 
  • Incredible School Principals always think out of the box and do everything innovatively 
  • They give appropriate delegations and work with subordinates at all levels of work 
  • Great school principals create and enforce proactive policies that lead to overall development of the institution. 

School Principals devise a plan of action to accomplish specific goals. Apart from their academic qualification, skills, and talents, School Principals need these strategies to make their administration seamless. 

Who can be an ideal School Principal? 

School Principals are authorities within the administrative hierarchy of schools who work with other administrators, staff, teachers, students,

community members and parents. They have to balance their relations well with all these individuals. 

A school Principal must have a state-issued license. The license requirements vary by state. Principals in private schools may not necessarily have to obtain a license, although this can vary by state and school. If a School Principal is hired and retained after checking all these essential qualifications, skills and credentials, then it will be rewarding not only for the institution but for the coming generations who are going to be trained under such a School Principal. 

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