Andhra Pradesh Showcases Educational Evolution on Republic Day Tableau

Andhra Pradesh's Republic Day tableau steals the spotlight with its theme centered on the transformation of school education. The tableau which was paraded on January 26th in New Delhi was given finishing touches by senior officials of both the Information and Public Relations Department and the Education Department. This venture was based on the quick response and approval

of the Andhra state government’s presentation by the high-level Committee appointed by the Centre to look into various projects proposed by different states.


Highlighting innovative initiatives and reforms, the presentation emphasised Andhra Pradesh's dedication to revolutionising the educational landscape. The narrative woven into the tableau focused on the progressive changes and advancements taking place within the school education system like upgrading government schools to compete with corporate schools, improving the infrastructure of government schools and moving ahead to make students global citizens. The measures taken towards this include the distribution of the Vidhya Kaanuka Kit consisting of 9 items including the free bilingual textbooks for government school students, the introduction of English medium studies from primary levels and linking the syllabus with CBSE.


The Andhra government truly believes that the digital transformation of the educational ecosystem not only improves the learner's skills but also helps boost the economy of the country. Through this thematic representation, Andhra Pradesh not only commemorates progress but also signals a promising future for its students, echoing the sentiment that education is the key to societal advancement.


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