New skill modules covering coding and data science introduced by CBSE, supported by Microsoft

In collaboration with Microsoft, CBSE has introduced new skill modules, namely data science, and coding. 

The introduction of coding and data science is coherent with the NEP guidelines and objectives. The NEP has recommended the introduction of coding and related activities into the middle school curriculum. 

As of now, the board offers 9 different skill modules in the middle school and as many as 38 in the high school and intermediate. 

Coding is now being introduced as a skill module with a duration of 12 hours for Classes 6-8. “The idea is to simplify the coding learning experience by nurturing design thinking, logical flow of ideas and apply this across the disciplines. The foundations laid in the early years will help the students to build the competencies in the area of AI, Data Sciences and other disciplines,” said the CBSE notification 

Additionally, the board has introduced a 12-hour skill module on data science and technology for the students of class 8, and similar and more in-depth modules are introduced for class 9 onwards. 

 “The objective of this curriculum is to lay the foundation for Data Science, understanding how data is collected, analyzed and, how it can be used in solving problems and making decisions. It will also cover ethical issues with data including data governance and builds foundation for AI-based applications of data science,” said the notification.

Microsoft has assisted the board in the creation of the student and faculty handbooks and teaching materials for both data science and coding. The course has relied on using real-life examples and a practice platform called MakeCode for the instruction in the subjects. 

To incentivize the adoption of the program by the schools, the CBSE has announced that it would waive the application fee for the schools that would offer data science and coding skill modules. 


Vinod Kakumanu

Vinod Kakumanu

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