New Proposal on Teaching Hours by NCF 2023

As per the National Curriculum Framework 2023, the Ministry has put forth a proposal to make the teaching hours for school students 29 hours a week. This is based on global standards and the schools will now have around 29/ hours of instruction every week. The NCF for School Education was released by the Education Ministry on August 23rd. The aim of this proposal is to improve the learning process in schools by reducing the burden of studies for students.

There will be classes of five to five and a half hours every week in the schools, i.e., from Monday to Friday. This gives enough free time for the students to engage in their choice of work. There will be studies for a few hours on the next two Saturdays and there will be a holiday on Sunday.

So basically there will be 220 instruction/school-going days after taking into consideration national holidays, term breaks, and vacations. Of these 220 days, around 20 days may be considered for assessments and other assessment-related activities. Another 20 days may be set aside for school events and other activities.

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