Come 2021, Schools set to reopen for class 10 and 12 in Karnataka

Department of Primary and Secondary Education, Karnataka has signaled the reopening of the PU colleges after a 9 month hiatus. The students of class 10 and 12 will be attending physical classes starting from January 1.

The decision for reopening of schools for senior students was finalized earlier in December, however, with the emergence of a new strain in the UK, the policy maker were moved to reconsider.

Primary and Secondary Education Minister S. Suresh Kumar corresponded with the district in-charge Ministers and members of the Legislative Assembly to ensure the preparations are made.

The Minister emphasized the importance of constant vigilance for smooth transition from online mode to the physical mode of schooling.

The level of vigilance and precaution will remain high in the interest of the health and sustainability of the physical classrooms amidst the persisting risk of Covid-19 infection. Students are required to submit a written consent from their parents before they begin school again.

The reopening will not be uniformly timed for all schools, there are private schools who decided not to reopen just yet and continue with the online classes. The reason for not reopening is not only the very real risk of infection in the campus but also the increased cost of reopening with the SOP mandates.

The reopening of other classes will depend on how the things go with the classes 10 and 12, at any rate, the reopening for junior classes will be staggered. While this remains true, the Vidygama programme for classes 6 to 9 will start amidst precautions from January 1.


Vinod Kakumanu

Vinod Kakumanu

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Vinod Kakumanu heads a team of school services professionals and is an independent commentator on Indian school education scenario. Vinod has assisted school promoters establish 35+ schools besides providing ancillary services to over 1000 schools across India. He envisions a future where quality education is made available to every child of the country. The focus he places on the quality of the deliverables and customer satisfaction has made him renowned in the field of K-12 school education.

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