Groundbreaking State Education Achievement Survey to Cover 11 Million Students

In a landmark move, the inaugural State Education Achievement Survey (SEAS)is set to commence on November 3, promising to be a pivotal moment for the educational landscape. This comprehensive survey by the Performance Assessment, Review and Analysis of Knowledge for Holistic Development (PARAKH), an organisation under the NCERT, aims to cover a staggering 11 million school students. The primary objective of this survey is to identify areas of improvement in learning among school students up to the block level, across all states. SEAS will be a forerunner to the education ministry's National Achievement Survey (NAS), conducted at the district level.

The survey emphasises its potential to revolutionise educational policies and practices. By capturing a holistic view of student performance, learning methodologies, and infrastructure, the survey aspires to be a catalyst for informed decision-making at both state and institutional levels. Scheduled to unfold on a massive scale, the survey promises to be a barometer for educational effectiveness, shining a light on areas of improvement and success. 

As educators, policymakers, and parents eagerly await the outcomes, the survey is poised to contribute valuable data for shaping the future of education in the state. Apart from giving a glimpse into the transformative initiatives in education, this gives an opportunity to witness the dawn of a new era in education, steered by data-driven insights and a commitment to the betterment of educational outcomes.

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