How To Efficiently Manage A School ?

The term management is defined as the capacity to translate vision into reality, by means of planning, organising, leading and controlling. A school is an association of different types of people coming from varied backgrounds. 

School management is a process of school development. This has to be achieved using optimum use of the human resources, physical sources, principles, and concepts. 

Types of School Management 

The end result of intelligent planning and focused effort is productivity and overall development. 

The following are the traditional classification of school management: 

(1) Centralised and Decentralised School Management System 

The first type of management focuses on centralisation of power and responsibility of school administration, supervision and control. But a decentralised system of management is in tune with the present educational scenario. It involves distribution of power, responsibilities and duties among each and every one involved in the administration. 

(2) External and Internal School Management System 

The external management system focuses on those supporting agencies from outside. They include community members, specialists, experts, administrators, parents and supervisors who are indirectly involved in the management process. 

The Internal management, on the other hand emphasises on the responsibilities associated with the head of the institution or head master/principal of the school and other teaching personnels, students and non-teaching staff. 

(3) Autocratic and Democratic School Management 

When the powers and responsibilities center around a particular person or group, then it is called autocratic management. It is an authoritarian system where every aspect of education is controlled by one. Strict administration of laws, rules and regulations are the main aspects under this system. 

The democratic system is unanimously regarded and accepted. In this system, every member of the team gets enough scope for planning, administering, organising, directing, coordinating, supervising, controlling and evaluating the responsibilities entrusted. 

The New Wave 

The present trend is of Creative school management. It is a recent concept and it depends upon the personality and character of the one who leads the institution. It focuses on the utilisation of creative talents and is considered one of the most desirable and acceptable systems of school management. 

In this digital era, there are digital tools  for efficient management of schools. There are  school management softwares that provide end to end support for effectively managing a school. This kind of softwares work  as unified platforms for enrollment, attendance, learning, grading, analytics and other needs of a school. 

The digital approach of school management is decentralised and democratic with internal participation. 

 A good school management software incorporates: - 

  • Student Information 
  • Teacher Information 
  • Attendance Details 
  • Online Assignments and Assessments 
  • Fee Management 
  • Admission Management 
  • Transport Management. 

Why is School Management important?

An efficient school management system is a well-equipped platform that allows teachers, students and other staff members to seamlessly perform their duties for smooth functioning of their school. It also helps in automation of academic operations of the school.

School management is important, as it helps in the formulation of policies and goals for school activities. It provides the right direction to the developmental programmes designed and is a supporting factor to effectively achieve the goals and purposes. School management serves as an estrade for the planning and implementation of various programmes of a school.

Steps towards efficient school management 

The basic steps towards an efficient school management are proper scheduling of the affairs, adopting a smart school administration system along with effective classroom management and the management of the staff. This also promotes a stress-free learning environment for the students and results in the overall progress of the academy. 

Ultimately for overall improvement of school management, it is important to know the school's current situation, clearly specify the desired outcomes, then to design and implement the right strategy and finally monitor the results. 

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