CBSE Survey Findings Suggest Principals are in Favor of Staggered Reopening of Schools for Senior School Students

A survey conducted by the Central Board of Secondary Education found out that a majority of the school principals are of the view that a staggered re-opening of classrooms for classes 11 and 12 students can be considered if the Covid-19 situation in the neighborhood is not critical.

Staggered reopening implies that the classes for different sections will be held on different days of the week.

Some are cautioning against any haste in the reopening of the campuses as they are convinced that the parents will be wary of sending their children to schools unless they are assured of its safety.

The CBSE had asked the school principals of its affiliated schools to express their opinion on the reopening of the schools by July 31st and they were also asked about the efficacy of the online classes. According to the officials, the responses were mixed but it was found that a majority was inclined to reopen the schools for senior classes as they have their board examinations in view. However, they all were of the view that the review of the Covid-19 situation of the locality should precede any such decision.

According to the recent reports, all the schools will remain closed till August 31st.

The board has shared its findings with the HRD ministry and a decision is expected soon.

The principals of some schools in Delhi have said that the schools in non-containment zones should be allowed to open for the senior students whereas some of the school principals cited their own findings suggesting that the parents are not going to send their children to schools unless the crisis is over.

The findings suggest that there are concerns about the quality and efficacy of online classes. There are several contributing factors.

The CBSE is trying to find out whether teachers and students have adequate resources to participate in the online classes. The principals were also asked if all their teachers are digitally literate and capable to conduct online classes. The findings are still unclear.

Sources report that experts are unanimous in opining that the schools will not be functioning from 1 to 12 as a unit until the Covid-19 crisis is over.


Vinod Kakumanu

Vinod Kakumanu

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