AI in CBSE Schools to be Integrated with Multiple Subjects Across all Classes

The introduction of AI in the schools was announced by the CBSE in the year 2018. Initially, AI was introduced as an optional skill subject for class IX in the starting of 2019. The curriculum introduced students to the three domains of AI — data, computer vision and natural language processing.

It was introduced as an optional subject in schools. Taking the AI induction to the next step, the board now is planning to oversee its integration with other subjects across all classes. It has been reported that the teacher training to this end will start in the coming months.

“…AI is a cognitive science which can be linked to various subjects that concern themselves with cognition and reasoning. Almost every school subject would fall in this domain… It is therefore mandated by the CBSE that all its schools would begin to integrate AI with other disciplines from classes I-XII,” read a handbook prepared by the board.

The exemplar lesson plans have been included in the manual published with an eye on integration of AI with the pedagogy in mathematics, English, Hindi, science and social science for classes VI to XII.

The exemplar lessons are quite creatively designed, for example, for class VI students, a lesson plan has been chalked out to help students understand Panchayati Raj with the help of a game. The lesson uses the neural networks as an analogy for the different layers of the local government.

CBSE Director of Skill Education and Training Dr Biswajit Saha said, “We will begin training master trainers in another two-three months. Many teachers are unaware of AI, and it cannot be forced on everyone. The manual is to create some interest in this and the practice will gradually develop in the classroom.”


Vinod Kakumanu

Vinod Kakumanu

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