IBO To Expand its Horizon In India: Ropes In 100 New Schools

With an aim of expanding its footprints in India, the International Baccalaureate  also known as IB Board is tying up with different state governments, and has roped in a total of 100 new schools across the country.

The list for IB approved schools includes several government-run schools, including some schools run by the Delhi Board of School Education, Haryana School Education Board, and Mumbai Public School among others.

According to IBO, there were approximately 138 IB affiliated schools in India five years back, which has now increased to 221, with 100  schools including government-run schools which are in the process of acquiring IB authorisation. 

Chief Schools Officer at International Baccalaureate Organization Nicole Bien said, “The IB curriculum framework aligns with the newly launched National Education Policy in India, resulting in an increase in the demand to learn the IB pedagogy.”

Considering the fact that schools in India, especially state-run ones, will require more support for executing the plan properly, Heinonen said, “As public schools are taking this step for the first time, the community is not well aware about how IB functions, wherein the focus is on training teachers to ensure a conducive environment. ”

The board has recently launched IB Exchange, an interactive online platform — which creates a global network of educators, while providing them with access to different resources to support teachers through peer-learning.

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