Role Of Social Media In A Teacher’s Professional Development

Teachers are powerful sources of impact and influence in society. Nowadays, there would hardly be anyone who’s not interacting within a digital network for their social interaction. Teachers could use the strength of social media to grow in their profession and to facilitate the progress of their students and focus on the development of their profession.

The Role of Social Media in Education 

As an equaliser 

Social media platforms act as equalisers in the education sector, as it gives scope for anyone to express their ideas and opinions freely. It provides a voice and an access to anyone, anywhere and anytime. This flexible characteristic of social media facilitates effective communication.

A collaboration 

Social media can be considered a community effort where the tools and techniques are directed to enlighten, engage and encourage the participating members and to empower them with everything needed. In the case of education, social media facilitates a collaborative learning environment which helps teachers easily achieve their goal of imparting knowledge. 

Aids in expansion 

Social media platforms help  in expansions. In the domain of education, it is social media that promotes interconnections and in that way contributes information exchanges. By minimising social barriers, social media platforms encourage an easier and faster transmission of knowledge. 

A platform for sharing resources 

Social media acts as an excellent storehouse of resources. It serves as a podium to facilitate the sharing of unlimited resources from credible sources. The learners can utilise these resources to make the best of their learning process and the teachers can better guide them if the teaching approach is via social media. 

Facilitates feedback and support 

Social media platforms are good sources of feedback which is an inevitable element in the channel of effective communication. In the learning process, this aspect of feedback has a prominent role. Social media helps both teachers and learners in providing timely support and proper feedback. 

Source of self-directed learning 

Self-learning is important in today's educational scenario as society demands a more independent and self-sufficient lifestyle from people. Social media platforms encourage learners towards self-directed learning with the guidance of teachers. Teachers can instill critical awareness in learners with the right use of social media. 


Teachers have many different roles to play in the process of the contemporary approach of education. As mentors, inspire learners, as mediators, they act as liaisons between learners and the subject matter, and as motivators, they create unique learning experiences. All these are made easier with the effective use of social media platforms.

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