Telangana Introduces French Language in State Welfare Schools

Language is a tool of educational empowerment. Keeping this fact in mind, the Telangana government has introduced the French language in schools run by Telangana Social Welfare Residential Educational Institutions Society (TSWREIS) and Telangana Tribal Welfare Residential Educational Institutions Society (TTWREIS). The initiative is in collaboration with the French Institute of India(IFI), and the Education, Science, and Cultural Service of the Embassy of France.

The venture initiated by the Telangana government will soon lead the state to witness a generation of upskilled government school students. As a significant step towards this endeavour, the secretary of TSWREIS has signed an MOU with the IFI. This opens up new opportunities and possibilities for students in this highly interconnected world. Apart from promoting language learning, this mission helps in bringing a cultural understanding among students.

This act of the Telangana government coincides with the French government's significant initiative of planning to invite around 30,000 students from India by the year 2030. President Emmanuel Macron made the announcement nearly a month after Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited Paris as chief guest of France's National Day. France has always been an inclusive and diverse country, eager to share its rich cultural heritage and world-class education opportunities with Indian students and so let us hope this endeavour by the Telangana government opens up new horizons for the students.

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