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How to Start a CBSE School Anywhere in India?

What does the “post affiliation” norms do?... Read More

Tripura becomes the first state to introduce centralized question papers for schools

As the reasoning of the Education Minister goes, the introduction of a standard question paper for all schools will bring in uniformity in the conduct of the school examinations.... Read More

News Reading Sessions Mandated in Government Schools

The government schools of Jharkhand have been instructed to compulsorily conduct news reading sessions and quizzes, by the school education and literacy department and the Jharkhand Council of Educational Research & Training (JCERT). This directive was issued in order to keep the students informed o... Read More

Art-integrated curriculum, a new addition to CBSE curriculum with projects on ‘Ek Bharat Shrestha Bharat’

An art-integrated curriculum will now be offered to the students of class 1 to 10 in CBSE affiliated schools. This will come into effect from the new academic session... Read More

Distinct Ways to Aid Virtual Learning

The pandemic with which the world is grappling with appears to have a prolonged duration with an increase in the count rate from around two thousand to three thousand cases per day. However, the fatality rate is low as compared to the number of people diagnosed with the disease. But still people aro... Read More

Omission of Early Childhood education in NEP draft draws criticism

The draft National Education Policy begins by stating the facts regarding cognitive development that it starts much before the child sets foot inside a school. It reads “the learning process for a child commences immediately at birth.” The statement is true as it is known that the groundwork for sch... Read More

7 Steps to conduct Student Friendly and High-learning Outcome Online Classes

Education has reached a stage where the physical distance is no longer a barrier to teach or learn. With the pandemic minimizing the physical activities of people, many changes have happened over the past few months. All the major educational institutions have changed their methods and strategies to... Read More

Starting a School in Remote Areas – A Case Study

The STs have largely occupied remote areas of the country which remains a crucial challenge for its development. The distinctiveness that these people bring in is their lifestyle which makes them unique from the mainstream section. As per the 2011 census, the population of these communities was abou... Read More

How COVID-19 can change the traditional classroom system?

A big wave of educational shift has hit most of the countries with the arrival of COVID -19 turning all classrooms into digital rooms. Since the lockdown, all students have turned into a virtual world to seek learning without losing the flow of studies. The preferred educational trend during this ph... Read More

Comparing CBSE and State Boards

To start, streamlined style is all about locating the right blend around simplicity and style. Envision clean lines and a endless appearance that never goes out of fashion. Why don't we dive into metallic finishes. They can be like modern finishing that makes timber surfaces look really chic. I... Read More

Why is Teacher Training a Must?

First off, simple sophistication is all about looking for the right blend in between simplicity and style. Envision neat lines and a endless visual appeal that never goes out of fashion. Let me dive into shiny coatings. They truly are like stylish coatings which can make wooden floors look real... Read More

How to Start a CBSE School Anywhere in India?

There could have hardly been a better time to start/open a CBSE school in India and get CBSE affiliation. We say so because we are witnessing a change of orientation of the board – the 2018 reforms in CBSE Affiliation Bye-Laws, which are by all accounts progressive. The curtailment of paperwork, cre... Read More

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