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Comprehending Learning Disability - how India deals with it?

Embracing differences is what idealists believe should be the motto of life. We all are uniquely wired with a different set of strengths and flaws which make us stand apart and define our existence. However, children are often seen to be reluctant to adapt to individual changes majorly due to societ... Read More

School education’s biggest challenge is Teacher's Crisis In India

According to the Ministry of Human Resource and Development report 2018, India has over 1 lakh ‘single-teacher schools’ with teacher training in nascent stage at best. Questions regarding the adequacy of teachers in handling the children with learning disabilities and special needs abound.... Read More

Alternate Schools - An Introduction

Greetings of the day Here by I request you to provide the procedure to start an alternative school on my area About me:- I have four decades of experience in the field .I have worked with children in age group of 3 years to 15 years . My qualification :- B A .child psychology from Bang... Read More

Plans to Introduce Home-Based Schooling for Children with Special Needs by India

In a progressive step towards inclusive education, the Department of School Education and Literacy in India is planning to introduce a home-based schooling initiative catering specifically to children with special needs. This also includes physically challenged children and those from socioeconomica... Read More

Education Scenario and less-talked about national and international interventions

The Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (Education for All) programme and Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education (RTE) Act have been instrumental in the universalization of education to a substantial degree, yet, the educational goals that we should aspire for expect us to go beyond the achievement of... Read More

Launch of Key Initiatives of NEP 2020

Union Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan and Union Minister for Social Justice and Empowerment Virendra Kumar jointly launched some major initiatives of the New Education Policy, and a booklet on One-year NEP 2020 Achievements.... Read More

ASER 2023 Unveils Educational Challenges and Pathways for Rural India's Youth

The Annual Status of Education Report (ASER) 2023 sheds light on the critical thinking abilities of rural youth aged 14 to 18, revealing concerning trends in foundational literacy and numeracy skills. The report's citizen-led household survey encompassed 34,745 respondents across 28 rural districts ... Read More

Psychological Effects on School Children in the Pursuit of Academic Excellence

School education has witnessed renewed interest amongst parent community in 21st Century. The effort and research invested into designing the curriculum of primary classes reflect that amply. With the redefinition, school education started an undercurrent of psychological change in children. The rea... Read More

Influence of pandemic on the education of school students, and steps to overcome the same

Over a year and a half into a pandemic that has caused over 4 million fatalities globally, seemingly India is set to witness the rise of its third wave. Even so, schools are looking into reopening for yet another time, thereby underlining education as an essential requirement.... Read More

Does change in CBSE bye laws affect affiliated schools?

Over the last week, there has been a volley of questions from the school management of CBSE affiliated schools we helped establish as well as management of upcoming CBSE schools. It is critical to bring clarity about the affects of the change in CBSE bye laws, hence this article.... Read More

Alternate Schools - An Introduction

Alternative schooling may differ from the mainstream schooling in several ways. It can use non-traditional curriculum and pedagogical thoughts, it can experiment with non-traditional instructional models etc. The common theme that run across the alternative schooling models is that of customization ... Read More

Glimpses of NEP 2020 and Notable International Education Systems

The new education policy has deservedly been at the center of discussion in educational circles. The NEP 2020 is expected to bring about systemic changes in the way education is structured and it is also going to alter the methodologies and broaden the outcomes of school certificates, degrees, and d... Read More

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