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Schools Asked by CBSE to do Self-Assessment Against SQAA Framework

All schools must complete a mandatory prior self-evaluation against the school quality assessment and assurance (SQAA) framework, according to a notification from the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE).... Read More

CBSE Adopts Flexibility in Evaluation

In a noteworthy departure from the conventional grading system, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has announced a paradigm shift in evaluating students who have given class 10 and class 12 board examinations. Under the examination by-laws, the latest directive states that no overall di... Read More

A New Regulation by the Government: Uniformity in Board Exam Scores

With the aim of bringing about ‘uniformity’ across the state and central boards, central authorities are planning for a ‘benchmark framework’ to assess secondary and higher secondary students. At present the boards follow different set up of evaluations, leading to disparity in results.... Read More

5 changes that the education system of the day demands

Rote learning has ruled the roost for long and it is a prevalent mode of learning across subjects.... Read More

System for Teacher Assessment set up in Odisha

The performance of teachers in the class is set to be appraised and evaluated in schools in Odisha. The results will have a bearing on the promotions and increments, it is said. The feedback of the students will now have an impact on the grading of the teachers.... Read More

Karnataka's Visionary Leap: the Future-Focused State Education Policy

Karnataka takes a bold stride into the future with the unveiling of its forward-looking State Education Policy. Sukhdev Thorat, the former (University Grands Commission (UGC) Chairman and the current State Education Policy (SEP) Chairman has divulged plans for this comprehensive education policy. Cr... Read More

PISA, A Programme Exclusively to Measure Cognitive Thinking in 15 year olds

Education has not only gained elevated standards in contemporary times but also has nuanced dimensions. Evidently, students as well as teachers are occupied in the process to make a shift from the traditional mode of learning.... Read More

Strategies to Consider for CSR in School Education

If you are thinking to commit CSR funds for improvement of a school and want to go beyond upgrading the infrastructure and add value to the educational ecosystem it is very essential to understand in detail how those who have secured such educational systems in the world actually did it.... Read More

Elements of a Digital Classroom

The digital classrooms have been creating a noise in the education sector. What makes a digitally sound classroom? Is it the people or can a video conference with eight to nine people came together to study can be considered as digital classroom? Or is it the tools that can be counted? How digital c... Read More

CBSE expresses reservations on the draft NEP’s recommendation for 24 subject multiple board exam

CBSE has voiced its concern over the recommendations made in the draft national education policy rooting for multiple board exams and inclusion of 24 subjects for the board exams. The NEP which is to come into effect since 2020 for next 20 years have made several provisions that have raised question... Read More

UNESCO Report: Use of AI in Education

According to a new report by United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO), Artificial Intelligence (AI) can provide solutions to the challenges in the Indian education sector. Apart from suggesting use of technology in evaluation and school management systems, the repor... Read More

How To Efficiently Manage A School ?

The term management is defined as the capacity to translate vision into reality, by means of planning, organising, leading and controlling. A school is an association of different types of people coming from varied backgrounds.... Read More

National Curriculum Framework to be Implemented from Academic Year 2024-25

The school education system is going to change in the country.The Ministry of Education, Government of India will soon launch the National Curriculum Framework for School Education.... Read More

India’s First National Assessment Regulator - PARAKH

India's first national assessment regulator PARAKH (Performance Assessment, Review and Analysis of Knowledge for Holistic Development), is tasked to work on establishing standards and guidelines for student assessment and evaluation. This will be applicable to all recognized school boards in the cou... Read More

NEP 2020: Systems to Reform School Education

The NEP has a precursor in the form of the comprehensive National Curricular Framework, as far as school education is concerned. The timeline for the conceptualization, creation and implementation was originally set as 2020-21.... Read More

The post COVID School Education — what to expect and how to navigate the changes?

As far the crippling effects of the pandemic on an industrial sector goes, the private school sector of India composed of half a million private schools, offer a veritable case study.... Read More

Evaluating the progress made in the decade in the arena of teacher-development

The said teacher training program was initiated for the training of the teachers who are in-service. The program was initiated in October 2017 by MHRD with the objective to impart training and award Diploma in Elementary Education (D.El.Ed.).... Read More

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