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How to Start an ICSE Affiliated School in India?

Sir how much Play ground area is required for opening icse board school upto class X.... Read More

How to Start a New School in India?

I want to open a Play , Pre- Primary, Primary school. Is it mandatory to have trust / society for this. ... Read More

How to Start a CBSE School Anywhere in India?

Started a play School in our city with kg block and grade 1,grade2....can I get cbse affiliation with these classes....need some help... Read More

How to Start School and get IGCSE affiliation?

I am planning to start an IGCSE school in India, do you suggest any subject combination for my students?... Read More

How to Start a New School in India?

Can i extend my play school to a primary school promoting students into grade 1 ?... Read More

How to Start School and get IGCSE affiliation?

The combination-freedom that is being provided by the IGCSE or A level, is it supervised or guided as it can be a major decision to go wrong with?... Read More

NEP 2020: Ideas on the Ideal Age to Begin Formal Education

The National Education Policy has made many radical departures from how the schooling has come to be perceived in India. One of the major changes that the NEP proposes is to integrate the early childhood schooling into the primary schooling system i.e. preschooling will become a formal part of the s... Read More

Policies to Enhance Quality in Government Sector

In a country, education is the foremost and dominant sector which needs proper emphasis for the growth of the nation. The government both central and state plays a significant role in looking after the quality of education which is being provided in all the educational institutions.... Read More

How to Start an IB School Anywhere In India?

Acquiring the aid of a lawyer for disabled individuals for claims concerning disabilities in the city of Albuquerque possesses great significance. People who pursue the support of a disability lawyer in disability court trials can reap countless advantages and precious assistance in the process of c... Read More

Where To Find A School Principal?

Even though teachers have a crucial role in influencing children's behavior, the Principal is considered much more in accomplishing the role of influence in a school.... Read More

How to Buy Classroom Furniture and Playschool Material?

Furniture in the classroom can enhance or diminish the learning environment. Classroom furniture must be arranged in such a way that the teacher is visible and audible to every child in the classroom. In playschools, the children are supposed to be mobile in the classroom and play outdoors for a com... Read More

Our Story

School Serv, an enterprise that has grown to be a leading K-12 School Lifecycle services company is an idea of change brought to life. It embodies an ambition of reimagining education by bringing school services expertise close to educationists. The need for founding an agency that can bridge the ga... Read More

How to Start a New School in India?

Starting a school in India is a venture many like to explore. Owing to the state policies regarding private schools which involves securing multiple licenses and permissions, opening a school can turn unduly strenuous. This need not be so daunting. We have detailed the procedure to start a school in... Read More

Don't Just Open a School, Start a School that is 'Smart'

Typical classrooms inspire a scene with rooms equipped with blackboards, pencils strewn around and stockpiled notebooks. With the advent of education technology, the picture is changing. Now, it is not a “far-fetched” or “futuristic” to picture a school where monitors, computers, laptops, tablets, a... Read More

Comparing IB and IGCSE

International Baccalaureate® (IB) and International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) are the two International school education programs. IGCSE is also an examination conducting body. The IGCSE is controlled by a department of the University of Cambridge and IB is an education fou... Read More

Starting a School in Remote Areas – A Case Study

The STs have largely occupied remote areas of the country which remains a crucial challenge for its development. The distinctiveness that these people bring in is their lifestyle which makes them unique from the mainstream section. As per the 2011 census, the population of these communities was abou... Read More

6 Points To Consider While Selling Or Buying An Operational School

Real estate gave way to the concept of buying lands or properties which are already operational. This trend is evident in the buying and selling of school properties. And hence, the potential buyers opt to procure operational schools or lands for running schools.... Read More

Challenges Faced by Newly Set-Up Schools

The education sector in India is constantly expanding due to the high demand fuelled by the country’s increasing population. Education is the core need for our children to acquire knowledge and become responsible citizens in the future. Through various initiatives, the government has made education ... Read More

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