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Procedure for Opening a Primary School

I want to establish my own preschool chain, thus, wanting an education consultancy to work along with me ad if possible, can also find good investors.... Read More

Trust vs Society vs Section 8 Company,Which suits best to school starters?

I am going to establish a school under the section-8 company, i need clarification on whether I can invite a few angel investors for reducing my loan liability and in return issue them IPO or not. ... Read More

Private Equity Reshapes the Landscape of Indian Education

The landscape of Indian education is undergoing a profound shift as private equity (PE) firms have begun to invest in school operations. This departure from the traditional educational model, where schools were once founded by passionate educators, now sees PE standing less for 'physical education' ... Read More

Issues and Ideals in Partnership in New School Project

There remains a possibility of disagreements and even conflict of interest between partners in a business venture, likewise in a school project where several promoters come together, partners may find themselves at cross-purposes sometimes. In this article we are trying to delve into the nature and ... Read More

India’s Education Market Prospects for Foreign Investors

India is a nation of nations, its population is as diverse as it is humungous. Just by the virtue of being hugely populated, it is an enormous market. The nation’s demographics presents itself as a ripe opportunity for many sectors with as much as 50 percent of the population below 25. It is esp... Read More

Procedure for Opening a Primary School

To start a primary school and choosing to offer a premium primary school experience is the perfect beginning for investors trying to venture into School sector. To open a primary school means starting classes up to grade V. The starting may advisably be from preschool level. School promoters usua... Read More

Mindspark—Maths and English Education Vitalized

Often, students are get accustomed to dislike English and Maths due to their confusing grammar lessons and tricky problems respectively. The traditional method of learning has made it complicated for most students to develop an interest in these subjects. However, in the contemporary times, it looks... Read More

Importance of Planning While Starting a New School

Education is one of the basic requirements for the growth and prosperity of any society. With the growth in population, the need for new schools is ever-growing and provides immense opportunities for people interested to undertake the responsibility of becoming school owners or school promotors. To ... Read More

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