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Criteria and Techniques of Teacher Evaluation

From Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria Affiliated to FCE KANO department of Physical health education, this is understandable answer that every student will enjoyed it and love it. ... Read More

Criteria and Techniques of Teacher Evaluation

I have ready your piece of scholarly work. Well done! I would like to work with you either on remote when in kasese Uganda or physically they in India. I have just concluded My Doctoral research on " policy evaluation" it's title is " An evaluation of staff participation in quality assurance imple... Read More

Criteria and Techniques of Teacher Evaluation

sir, I am a Ph.D student with Moddibo Adama University Yola, Nigeria, from the department of physical sciences education faculty of education, with registration number Ph.D/PSE/ 19/1215. I am conducting a research on the relationship between principals leadership styles, management strategies ... Read More

Sports and Health Period Made Mandatory by CBSE Board From 2018-19

Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), in a bid to mainstream health and physical education in schools, has intervened elevating sports from a neglected extra-curricular activity level to a curricular standard.  Health and Physical Education (HPE), as the new subject is named is to be made a d... Read More

Plans to Introduce Home-Based Schooling for Children with Special Needs by India

In a progressive step towards inclusive education, the Department of School Education and Literacy in India is planning to introduce a home-based schooling initiative catering specifically to children with special needs. This also includes physically challenged children and those from socioeconomica... Read More

Sports in Schools — how significant are they?

Schools began to get increasingly interested in sports and games. This, I am convinced, was the result of CBSE’s categorical directions regarding the induction of a regular sports period into the time table.... Read More

The Need to Revisit Teacher-Training

The pandemic has brought to light an open secret which is that education has to become compatible with virtual landscapes. The educators have to adapt themselves to the demands of the technology-driven pedagogies and be ready to unlearn, re-learn, and upskill constantly.... Read More

How to Enhance Student Participation in a Virtual Setup?

Classrooms incorporate students with distinct characters some are always ready to raise their hand to participate and some are hesitant to come forward and engage in classroom discussions. It’s a complicated process to bring students into conversations that require them to be vocal.... Read More

Distinct Ways to Aid Virtual Learning

The pandemic with which the world is grappling with appears to have a prolonged duration with an increase in the count rate from around two thousand to three thousand cases per day. However, the fatality rate is low as compared to the number of people diagnosed with the disease. But still people aro... Read More

Evaluating the progress made in the decade in the arena of teacher-development

The said teacher training program was initiated for the training of the teachers who are in-service. The program was initiated in October 2017 by MHRD with the objective to impart training and award Diploma in Elementary Education (D.El.Ed.).... Read More

Corporal Punishment in Schools and teacher culture

While going through Right to Education act one comes across a relatively less talked about the provision which is corporal punishment. I have tried to share information and insights on the subject in this article based not only on what the act itself states but also how it is perceived and to what e... Read More

Elements of a Digital Classroom

The digital classrooms have been creating a noise in the education sector. What makes a digitally sound classroom? Is it the people or can a video conference with eight to nine people came together to study can be considered as digital classroom? Or is it the tools that can be counted? How digital c... Read More

Influence of pandemic on the education of school students, and steps to overcome the same

Over a year and a half into a pandemic that has caused over 4 million fatalities globally, seemingly India is set to witness the rise of its third wave. Even so, schools are looking into reopening for yet another time, thereby underlining education as an essential requirement.... Read More

Structuring Preschool Curriculum - Waldorf and Pikler Preschool Education

There has been considerable research and studies done on the pedagogical methods and early education but few have been as successful and applied as the Waldorf and Pikler approaches when it comes to preschools. The Waldorf Education that is based on the educational philosophy of Rudolf Steiner has b... Read More

Lockdown and digital education resources

An unprecedented situation has fallen upon us which has majorly altered our lives and work, and it has created a measure of disruption. During this time of contingency, we are completely dependent upon the digital devices to not get our work piled up and meet deadlines effectively. The educati... Read More

NCERT takes up revision of Activities Calendar for classes 1-8 amid lockdown

To ensure that the children do not lose touch with academics in the period of the lockdown and that they may not feel disoriented with regard to the syllabus when they return back to schools, CBSE and NCERT has taken up rationalization of the syllabus and revision of the Activities Calendar respecti... Read More

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