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Documents Needed While Applying for CBSE Affiliation

Do state board school need , parents details or signature when applying for CBSE ... Read More

Do I need to have a state board affiliation to start a CBSE/ICSE school?

Yes, State board recognition is necessary for getting affiliated to any board that include CBSE and ICSE. The state education department also needs to issue an NOC stating that it has no objection regarding your school’s affiliation to the CBSE/CISCE. For complete details about getting your school affiliated to CBSE or ICSE refer to our blog posts How to Start a School and get CBSE affiliation? or How to start a school and get ICSE affiliation?

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Land and Infrastructure needed for CBSE affiliation

Sir If we want to open a school in rural area, for example I have my farms ,what are the requirements for the same in term of land, affiliation will be of CBSE or state board? how much capital is required, what are the exact procedure. kindly guide me... Read More

Land and Infrastructure needed for CBSE affiliation

I want to introduce CBSE curriculum in our existing school, we follow State board curriculum currentlyand have a campus of 2 acres. Need your help. +91 8446424853 ... Read More

Comparing CBSE and State Boards

The education sector in India is expanding and so is the choice of the students and their parents. The choice which is much deliberated upon is the one between the education boards. There are many options to choose from which are mainly, national boards (CBSE and CISCE), state boards that include al... Read More

How to Start a CBSE School Anywhere in India?

Why there is no relaxation in land required to open a CBSE school in Assam and other northeastern states?... Read More

CBSE and CISCE Cancel 12th Boards

The Union Government, ending the uncertainty, cancelled the CBSE board exams.... Read More

CBSE still mulling over the matter of promotion of students

The remainder of current class 10 and 12 has been postponed by the CBSE officially, however, a notification with regards to class 1 to 9 and 11 is yet to come. In view of the disruptions caused by the Covid-19 situation, many state boards have declared to promote students, except for those in 10 and... Read More

State Directive for Schools for 30% Fee Reduction in Karnataka for the academic year 2020-21

Is this fee reduction is applicable to cbse boards or my daughter's school is demanding full fees in which they hv converted total fees as tution fees, saying that it is not applicable for central it true... if not what can be done?... Read More

How to Start a New School in India?

Do I need state NOC for starting International school (IB and IGCSE) in Bangalore?... Read More

How to Start a CBSE School Anywhere in India?

I have opened a new school which is till class 5. my plan is to add higher classes very quickly. The school is made on CBSE guidelines and we use NCERT books. I am going to open class 6th and 7th and apply for CBSE affiliation, can i call my school a CBSE school while promoting it.... Read More

How to Start a CBSE School Anywhere in India?

You have stated in one of your post that training for in-service teachers will have to be organized by the school at regular intervals. Who will train the teachers? Can principal, vice principal and senior teachers qualify as trainers?... Read More

Schools cannot have coaching classes run in their premises, says CBSE directive

Hello Sir, I Simranjeet Singh, wish to request you that many schools these days are running coaching classes for IELTS & other languages for the sake for immigration. Does the CBSE or State Boards allow schools to provide such coaching in their premises. Kindly provide me with an evident piece of i... Read More

How to Start a CBSE School Anywhere in India?

Up-to which class can we start a school without affiliation from CBSE?... Read More

How much land is required to start a new school?

Minimum requirement is 500 – 8000 Square meters. However land required depends on specific location you wish to open the proposed school, facilities you propose to provide to students, state board and other affiliations (CBSE, ICSE, etc) you are planning to seek for your new school.

... Read More features k-12 teacher job opportunities in CBSE Schools, ICSE Schools, IGCSE Schools, IB Schools, Play Schools, Primary Schools and State Board Schools. Teachers can apply for various vacant positions in... Read More

Comparing CBSE and State Boards

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Comparing CBSE and State Boards

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